Thursday, June 12

Wayne:  Peninsula Tour Day!

Our van picked us up at 8:00 (the bed or something is sooo comfy here it is very tough to get up).  it is us and 15 folks at the end of their tour. So we headed out (just Wendy and I).

Capetown looks like Honolulu or Como....houses built up on the side of the hills.  First, to Hoyt Bay.  Wendy took a short boat ride out to see the seals; I checked out the street vendors.

Wendy: The seals at Hoyt Bay were adorable!  Lots of cute babies.  We'll be seeing a lot of animals on this trip! Then on to the Cape of Good Hope.  They tell us that the Atlantic and Indian oceans merge in this area (actually a little farther south), but the impact was awesome. Loved the baboons that were walking along the highway, and the lighthouse.

Wayne:  Cape of Good Hope - the southwesterly-est point in Africa (the southern-most point is Cape Agulhas about 100 miles from here). We saw many baboons along the way.  Then on to Boulders Bay and its famous penguin colony!

These are Cape penguins - only about 2' tall, but so cute. They were digging and waddling and swimming in the surf.  We had a quick lunch and then it was on to Kirstenbosch Gardens (on Rhodes Drive!  There are a lot of "Rhodes" references here).  A very large botanical garden which is actually "just" on the other side of Table Mountain!

Wendy:  Kirstenbosch Gardens was very impressive.  And there is an entire "Garden Route" tour that goes along the southern coast.  We'll have to take that on our next trip!  Then we went back to the hotel (goos-bye tour people) and met up with Em and some of her friends for dinner. We went to the Africa Café. Besides the food, the staff did line dancing!  They were all in authentic African garb (from all over the continent) and even had their faces painted.

Wayne: Africa Café!  What a place!  A bunch of separate rooms on different floors and each room is dedicated to a different part of the continent.  They really try to give you a taste of Africa.  Each table has communal eating.  First they wash your hands. They have a "menu", but it is just for information since they bring you all of the items listed!  They just bring little bowlsful and you pass and take (family style).  We had chick peas and fried dough and lamb and rice and spicy chicken wings, etc.  Em ate so much her dress was about to burst!  it is so wonderful that she has tried (and likes!) so many new foods while she's been here.  Another fabulous meal!

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